A little bit of q&a with TUF22 fighter James Jenkins

James Jenkins told us about his life in house and about his 1st blog experience.

You blog is really interesting! Is it your first blog experience? Mby you have diary, when you was a kid?

Thanks, I’m happy you like the blog. Yes this is my first blog ever. For the first time I kept a journal while living in the house. It helps me a lot to have it to write for the show.

Was it hard for you to wait for the fight? Or may be you thought that any extra minute of training with Faber makes you stronger?

It was a little hard to wait for the fight, I thought I was going to be the third fight and obviously that didn’t happen. But at the same time it was great, training and learning from Faber and his team.

Many times you wrote, that American Team guys was pretty cool. Which of them was the best prankster? Did you become a good friends with somone on TUF?

I wouldn’t say anyone was a prankster, but we had a couple of really funny guys on the team. Tom and Julian were both really funny guys, always making jokes. I became pretty good friends with a lot of the guys on the team. I already went to a football game with Tom after the show, and I plan on going out to see Ryan sometime soon.

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And do you have any fights with somone regarding any domestic issues? If you do please teel us about it.

I had one incident in the house, but I can’t get into that just yet.

At the begining of the show If you would have a chance to choose your coach — what will be your choice? Faber or McGregor? Why? And what about afterwards? Will your choice be the same or not?

Before the show I would have picked Faber as my coach. My teammate Al Iaquinta did the last show Faber was a coach and it worked out great for him. Afterwards I’d still say Faber. He had a great team, so many good fighters worked with us one on one. Hopefully one day I’ll take the trip out to Alpha Male and work with them all again.

What about your expectaions from the show? Did it matched to reality or it was completely diffrent for you?

I knew a little what to expect from talking to teammates. I expected my time there to be much worse than it was. I thought there would be a couple of assholes living there that might make the experience terrible. But to my surprise everyone was pretty good, on both teams.

Also see James Jenkins ‘The Ultimate Fighter 22’ blog and follow him on Twitter at @crzyjenks.

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